Client success stories:

All of the clients we work with experience growth in all areas of their life. Starting with physical sobriety and getting healthy again. Clients get relationships back with loved ones, repair romantic partnerships, and make a host of new life-long friends. They get back on their feet financially, and start connecting back into their communities. Every client we work with agrees that they have grown spiritually.

We experience such a high level of joy from watching our clients get back their passion for life again.



Our experience working in addiction treatment and strategic partnership with leaders of top tier treatment centers provide us with great insight into how the treatment industry operates and where some of the blind spots are. Having been in our client’s shoes, we have sober mentors that our clients can connect with on a very personal level. They are highly relatable and have surmounted all of the obstacles that stand in the way of obtaining a fulfilling life in sobriety.  Whether it’s your first time seeking treatment for substance abuse or you want to take your recovery to the next level, we can get you there!

Jake M.

“I love the way that ever-since I got clean all of my family has my back 100%. I love to be able to give back now. I have a good job and Hope Makers is continuing to guide me down the right path. I no longer beat myself up for the wrongs I have done. I just try to be better today than I was yesterday. I just want to thank Hope Makers for showing me that anything is possible if you put forth the effort. I love you guys and thanks for helping me turn my life around. If it wasn’t for you guys, I would never be in the position I am in today or the person that I am today. Thank Y’all.”

Matt S.

Hope Makers has helped changed my life into becoming the best person I can possibly be. When I first started out on this new journey, I was completely empty and broken from past substance abuse, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror and was flooded with guilt and regret.

I remember vividly the day as I was crying heavily from guilt and shame, Tim kneeled down beside me and shared his story, and asked to let him help me live a better life,  then promised to never give up on me….

I have major trust issues from past hurt, but when I saw tears in his eye’s too, 

I knew he meant it….

It wasn’t easy at first, but I wanted sobriety more than the pain of my past….

And with Hope Makers guidance & help, I’ve come along way from that broken man in tears….

They loved me till I could love myself, they showed me life when all I wanted was death, and taught me how to have faith when I couldn’t believe in anything….

I am proud to say that with their guidance, ill be working with others in recovery and hoping to start school soon to be a counselor…..

They taught me I have more to offer this world than the shadow of a person I used to be! Hope Makers is simply builders of Hope & Faith….

A rare brother hood built from broken men just trying to do the next right thing….

I know I’m ten times the man I used to be and my relationship with God is stronger than ever….

I’ve spent most of my life behind bars or in the streets, and I’ve lost so many loved ones to addiction. My only HOPE is that you reach out and ask for help like Hope Makers deliver…..

Progress Not Perfection my friends!

Michael h.

Hope Makers 

I have been through hell and back many times throughout my addiction and this was the first time I ever felt like somebody had my back in case I slipped and fell flat on my face. Not once did I ever doubt the guidance of the Hope Makers’ team. Following thier direction was the best decision I could have ever made for myself.

You’re reading the Testimony of someone who was on a path of true self destruction. My addiction to drugs and the influence of my inner demons led me down a road filled with loss, hate and misery. The true and genuine friends I once had, and relationships that I had spent so many years of effort into developing, were lost within a matter of months of me using. They were all replaced by conniving and inconsiderate strangers. The money that I had once earned and appreciated proved never to be enough to satisfy my new found addiction, and therefore led to many criminal acts and behaviors like theft and fraud. The home I lived in and bond I shared with my family was one that I cared for and cherished for years. It was also soon lost due to my selfishness and disrespect.

High school and continued higher education quickly became a thing of the past as my attendance was unlikely and my grades fell way below average. My spirituality and relationship with God was also torn in two, as I justified and projected my bad behavior onto Him. My health took a massive blow as I began to experience serious life threatening complications. My love life suffered a dramatic, negative change when time alone began to be more important than the intimate relationship I once shared with my girlfriend. Soon before I knew it I was alone – not living, but simply existing. I had put myself out to the unforgiving streets of this world with one goal: come up with a means to obtain my high.

The disease of addiction is a monstrous force – the only disease I’m aware of that can literally destroy oneself and everything that has ever truly cared for and sincerely loved, but yet still has a strong enough grip to keep you coming back for more. Every time I used, only bad consequences arose and made the process of using more difficult for me each and every time. My highs were not actually highs anymore and my lows were plateaued at the bottom. The only thing I desired more than my drugs, was to simply die. I was certain this world would be better off without me and I was sure I’d be far more happy. 

Hope Makers Tim and Jake, were presented at the perfect moment in my life to provide a second option. They reached out to me with honest love, care and respect. They convinced me – a young man at the time with nothing in his possession other than negative, destructive, one-sided thinking that was on auto-pilot set to crash its course to be forgotten.

Without their non-judgemental guidance, and persistant love and assistance, I stand before you all a changed man. They stuck by my side every step of the way, making it the smoothest transformation of a lifetime. Up to this point, I have been blessed with the luxury, recovery, and joy that comes to a person who means well with his intentions and lives his life on life’s terms. Under their supervision and care, happiness came with every morning I rose from my pillow and life finally – through my gratitude and determination – proved to be worth living. I honestly owe Tim and Jake my life, as they’ve provided me the will to live again. It was through the Hope Makers team that I was able to get my life back on track, and frankly, live to tell about it.

Much Love,

Michael H.

Ryan L.

Hope Makers,

5 months after a motorcycle accident I developed a pretty bad Morphine and Oxy habit (among a few other substance abuse issues as well). I knew I needed help.

I have been to treatment before, but where I have gone to prior didn’t work. I saw no reason to return somewhere that I have been to before and failed. I was worried I was going to die. Even worse were the thoughts in my mind that I would live with serious impairments as a result of my using.

This overwhelming fear lead me to trying to detox myself from Morphine, Oxycodone, Xanax, Adderall, and tequila.

I tried doing this for a month and it was unbearable. I had little success and was truly at a point of not knowing how to climb out of the personal hell I had created.

It was not long after this that I received a call from Jake at Hope Makers. He asked me how I was doing, and knowing that he was once in my shoes, I broke down and told him, “terrible, please help me.”

He agreed to come over later that night with with his partner Tim. For the next few weeks Hope Makers came over every 2 or 3 days to carry the message and help me through that tough time.

Tim and Jake gave me hope that if I was willing, there was a way out of the life that I was living. 

They kept me company for a few hours at a time and it was refreshing, as I had not had any visitors for a while.

During these visits we also talked about detox options they had lined up for me, how the places operated, and what I could expect to experience while I was there.

Finally the day came to go to detox and they came and got me and made sure that I had everything that I needed to bring with me. 

When I was in detox Jake and Tim would come to visit me and make sure that I was doing okay and always asked if I needed anything.

While in detox they discussed treatment options with me for continued levels of care. I decided to go to RTC/PHP/IOP at one of the facilities they suggested that they work closely with. 

While in RTC/PHP/IOP Jake would come to visit me, help me, and discuss different treatment models, particularly the step based programs.

I am extremely grateful for both Jake and Tim for mentoring me and I have no idea where I would be today if it wasn’t for them. 

They have provided me with hope every step of the way and given me another chance at a life that I can hold my head up high in again.