Bringing Hope to Addiction:



Hope Makers is an intervention and sober mentoring company that partners with top tier addiction treatment facilities to help those still sick and suffering who are in the grips of substance abuse.

    Hope Makers is committed to providing evidenced based sobriety services to the recovery community. We are highly skilled individuals who not only meet the client where they are, but are dedicated to finding the right treatment model that fits the client’s needs. Whether that is a 12 step model, smart recovery, refuge recovery or any other system that is going to move the client towards their goals. We can help any client in any situation, and operate under the highest ethical standards.

Sober mentors to help you

    Let’s be honest, sobriety and treatment = Success in life. So, having a foundation of sobriety will give you the skills necessary to start making money, get your freedom back, and to be recognized for your accomplishments. So, start the process now to get back to the times when you felt confident and happy.


Whether it is your first time seeking treatment for substance abuse or you would like to take your recovery to the next level, we have experts who can help.


Sober mentors

Our mentors have years of growth in recovery and are willing to teach you everything they know. We have been in your position, and have faced and conquered the same obstacles you have successfully.




Our experts pride themselves on the 365 to life strategy. We are with you through every stage in your recovery and cut out the guess-work. We have a continuing relationships with our clients and want them to achieve their ideal lifestyle.


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We know how it feels to be lonely, isolated and unsure of who to trust. That’s why Hope Makers gives free consultations to help overcome these obstacles and will give you immediate value and direction. Plus, we will be with you every step of the way through treatment and beyond. Ultimately, Sober Mentoring helps clients through their first days in sobriety and has been shown to help substantially long-term. From the start, you will be a part of a community of sober healthy people that you can call upon for suggestions, advice, or guidance at anytime with no judgement whatsoever.